On This Day (OTD) reads a TMG database and displays a list of anniversaries: BMDB events that occurred on the same month and day as the current date. Use it to remind yourself or members of your family of important dates in your family history.

The output from On This Day can be displayed on screen, sent to an HTML page, or stored in MS Outlook as appointments. You can show a day, week, or month at a time. Set the output range to a month, the output format to HTML, and produce a calendar you can print via your web browser. If you are a genealogist, and you are forgetting birthdays and anniversaries, why?

You can also make a calendar in HTML for the entire year, which includes links from the anniversary events to a brief summary of the person's life (BMDB).

On This Day includes Mocakebi (moe-kah-kee-bee), a read-only browser for TMG databases. Read more on the Mocakebi page.

On This Day requires a database created and maintained with TMG, The Master Genealogist from Wholly Genes Software. On This Day is compatible with projects created by mosat versions of TMG, but has only been tested recently with TMG v8 and TMG v9.

Please read the End-User License Agreement before you download or use the program.

Current Version

The current version is 2.2 Build 0. You can download it via the Download page. See the Version History page for a list of the most recent changes.

If you have a previous version of On This Day installed, uninstall it before installing this version.


On This Day was not written by Wholly Genes Software, the authors and publishers of TMG. The author of this program is not affiliated with Wholly Genes Software in any way. The Master Genealogist is a trademark of Wholly Genes Software.

Wholly Genes publishes the TMG database format on their web site, and this program would not have been possible without it. Thank you Bob Velke.

Contact Information

Contact John Cardinal for more information.

The Master Genealogist is a trademark of Wholly Genes Software.