Compatibility File

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TMG is no longer being updated. If you are using TMG v8.05+, you do not have to worry about the compatibility.ini file. If TMG Utility refuses to open a TMG project, the project is for an older version of TMG that is not supported, or the TMG project's ".PJC" file is broken.


The compatibility.ini file controls whether the current version of TMG Utility will open TMG projects with a particular version number.

When TMG is updated, TMG Utility will refuse to open or modify projects created or updated by the new version until a new compatibility.ini file is installed. That ensures that the proper testing takes place before TMG Utility is used with the new project format.

As a result of the version checking that is controlled by the compatibility.ini file, you may see the message below when you try to open a TMG project using TMG Utility:

This program does not support TMG project structure version N databases. You may need a new version of TMG Utility or a new version of the compatibility check file.

The project structure version number represented by N above is not the same as the version number of TMG. For example, TMG Version 8 creates TMG projects that have project structure version 9. The project structure version number can change independently of the TMG version number.

If TMG Utility displays the message above then you should visit the online version of this page. You may need a new version of TMG Utility, or you may have to download and install the most recent compatibility file. After an update to TMG, it may take a few weeks or more for me to verify that TMG Utility works properly, and to update it if necessary.


There is no compatibility file update required for TMG Utility 7.4.