TMG Utility is the essential TMG companion tool. If you use it, please make a donation.


Charitable Contributors

I am indebted to all the people who made donations on my behalf to the PMC/Jimmy Fund and to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society! That includes many of the people on the list below, and too many others to name.

Friends, Colleagues, and Co-Conspirators

I would like to acknowledge some of the people who have been a great help to me. There are so many that I am sure I will leave someone out:

  • Robert Charles Anderson, FASG
  • Tricia Autry
  • Ginny Basken
  • Shirley Benoit
  • Gloria Blanchard
  • Jim Byram
  • Chris Brooks
  • Nigel Brown
  • Jean-Clovis Collette
  • Marsha Craig
  • Richard Damon
  • Juergen Drees
  • Gail (Facini) Edwards
  • Teresa Elliot
  • Dorothy Evans
  • Karen Farmer
  • Martha Farrar
  • Carol Campodonico Ferrari
  • Allen Fletcher
  • Debbie Freeman
  • Judy Gabardina
  • Louise Gervais
  • Nicholette Hart
  • Alan D. Henry
  • Sherri Hessick
  • Elaine Hoare
  • Lee Hoffman and Lee's TMG Tips
  • James Horsley
  • Ray W. Justus
  • Jack Keester
  • Astrid Kranzbuhler
  • Robin Lamacraft
  • Jean F. Languy
  • Andrea Lawrence
  • Deb Mallett
  • Dick Martin
  • John MayBee
  • Tony McIntyre
  • Bob McMaster
  • Allen Mellen
  • Jeff Miller
  • Elizabeth Shown Mills
  • George Newbury
  • Caroline O'Conner
  • Lynd Pierce
  • Terry Reigel and Terry's TMG Tips
  • William "Myrnice" Roberts
  • Don Shankle
  • Arnt Stavne
  • Charlie Towne
  • Charles J. Vella
  • Bob Velke
  • Pam Wood Waugh
  • Robert Wilder-Jones
  • Richard Wilson
  • Paul Wentzell
  • Robert Wentzell
  • Karen Willard

And all the people in my family.


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