Change Log

TMG Utility is the essential TMG companion tool. If you use it, please make a donation.

12 August 2020

Version 7.4

TMG Utility is now using a new installer technology. Due to that change and others, you cannot run the TMG Utility installer on older versions of Windows. TMG Utility has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10. It will probably work on Windows 8 and Windows Vista. It will not install on Windows XP or older.

I recommend that you uninstall any existing version of TMG Utility before installing this version. If you are using Windows XP or prior, you cannot install this version so do not uninstall any existing version.


  • Changed TMG Utility to use a new installer technology
  • Changed the HTML produced by the Edit Image Map feature to always include the ALT= attribute
  • Added the If Given Inferred and If Surname Inferred filters to Change Name Parts
  • Added the [PrimaryGiven] and [PrimarySurname] field labels to the Change Name Parts feature to allow comparisons to those values in filters and actions
  • Added the Reminder field to the Sources export of the Export Data feature


  • Fixed a bug where Change Place Parts was not saving the Start Year and End Year values properly
24 February 2016

Version 7.3 Build 6


8 February 2016

Version 7.3 Build 5


  • Added three fields to Change Place Parts: Comment, Start Year, and End Year; all three can be used in both Filters and Actions
  • Added a new Filter field, Tag, with two operators, "is primary" and "is not primary", to the Change Name Parts feature


  • Moved the default log file folder from "Documents\TMG Utility Logs" to "Documents\TMG Utility\Logs" and removed the ability to customize the log file folder location
  • Added the "Documents\TMG Utility\Rules" folder as the default location for Rules files
5 January 2015

Version 7.3 Build 3


20 September 2014

Version 7.3 Build 2


  • Added context information to the log entries for the Find and Replace feature including tag label and date when operating on local sentences for name and events


  • Updated the compatability.ini file to allow processing TMG v9.03 projects
  • Added more context information to error messages produced when saving image files as part of the Export Images feature


  • Fixed a bug where the Change Citation Parts feature would fail when attempting to set a surety value to a space
17 June 2013

Version 7.3 Build 1


7 June 2013

Version 7.3 Build 0

TMG Utility v7.3 is compatible with projects edited by TMG v8.05+ only.


  • Updated TMG Utility to be compatible with projects from TMG v8.05+ having TMG project version 10.
  • Added the File > Open Log Folder command to open the folder that contains the log files; this makes it more convenient to open a previous log file or manage the contents of the folder
  • In the Set Year Only Dates feature, changed "Location Group" to "Address Group" and "Custom Group" to "Other Group" to agree with TMG terminology
  • Some features that show sentence structures and other text containing role variables show the role ID, not the role label, i.e., "[R:00002]" rather than "[R:Witness]"


  • Fixed a bug where the "Not found only" option of Export Data > Export Sentences did not work properly
  • Changed the Find and Replace feature to show empty field values when using the [Find All] button and the pattern is "^$"
  • Fixed a bug where Set Year Only dates did not suppress the month and day if one of the two principals was deceased and the other was living; it now suppresses month and day if either principal is living
  • Fixed a bug where non-primary children were included by Select DNA Descendants when they should be excluded
  • Fixed a bug where TMG Utility issued an incorrect error message for the Select DNA Descendants feature if the user entered an invalid TMG ID# for the progenitor
  • Fixed a problem in Add Events where using source number 0 would generate an error when it is supposed to be a valid way to indicate there is no citation data
  • Fixed a bug where the Add Events feature did not allow using source #0 to mean no source assignment which did not match the documentation
  • Fixed a bug where TMG Utility displayed "5.10" as the project version number for TMG v8.05+ projects; the correct project version number is 10
  • Fixed a bug where TMG Utility used the wrong copy of TMG's strings.dbf file for users who customize the language settings in TMG
  • Fixed a bug where TMG Utility showed the wrong mouse cursor when opening a project with multiple datasets
25 February 2012

Version 7.2 Build 8


  • Added the Grid XSLT Stylesheet to the Sentences option of the Export Data feature; the new Format produces a relatively compact list of roles and sentences


  • Fixed a bug where TMG Utility failed to start on some systems where TMG v8 was not installed
18 February 2012

Version 7.2 Build 0

TMG Utility v7.2 is compatible with projects edited by TMG v7.x and TMG v8.0 through v8.04. TMG Utility v7.2 may work with projects edited by TMG v6.x, but it has not been tested. If you use TMG Utility with TMG v6 projects, please do not contact me for support or assistance.


  • Added the Filter by sentence option to the Make P1 Male feature
  • Added more date formats to the Add Events feature including support for partial dates; as part of this change, some localized date formats are no longer supported


  • Removed the Export Sentences, Import Sentences, Rename Role, and Rename Language features; these duplicate features in TMG 8 and/or were invalidated by database changes in TMG 8
  • Changed the name of the "compatability.ini" file to "compatibility.ini" to reflect the proper spelling of the word
  • Moved the log files to the My Documents\TMG Utility Logs folder


  • Fixed a bug where Change Citation Parts would refuse to modify a field if the result was a single character
23 April 2011

Version 7.1 Build 2



  • Removed the Change Citations feature; it has been replaced by Change Citation Parts
  • Modified the log file contents for the Verify Exhibit Paths feature as part of adding the Create folder report option
  • Changed the Choose External Image Exhibit window to be resizable
  • Enhanced the prompt feature of the Change Citation Parts, Change Name Parts, and Change Place Parts to remember the last prompt value since the last time the rules were saved in the current TMG Utility session; see the description on the Change Name Parts page
  • Changed the Change Name Parts feature to use the ".u5rn" filetype to save and load rule files; change the file extension of existing rule files to use them with Change Name Parts
  • Changed the Change Place Parts feature to use the ".u5rp" filetype to save and load rule files; change the file extension of existing rule files to use them with Change Place Parts


  • Fixed a bug where Set One-Citation Surety didn't update the date and memo surety for Name tags or the memo surety for Relationship tags
  • Fixed a bug where the Change Place Parts log had the wrong master place record number; improved the log to show more detailed information about changed parts
  • Fixed a bug where the Find and Replace feature did not process the Name Sentence field properly
  • Fixed a bug where using Change Event Type to move a BMDB tag within the same event group would sometimes unset the primary flag
  • Changed the Output Folder property of the Export Images feature to an editable field as a workaround for PCs where the [Choose Folder...] button doesn't work properly
10 February 2008

Version: 7.0 Build 0

TMG Utility v7.0 is compatible with projects edited by TMG v7.x, v6.x, and v5.x..




12 December 2006

Version: 6.1 Build 11


  • Added the Change Place Parts feature, which is similar to Change Name Parts, but for Places
  • Added the "like" filter operator and the "replace" and "replace pattern" action operators to the Change Place Parts and Change Name Parts features
  • Improved the error message for invalid patterns in all the features where pattern matching is available
  • Increased the font size of the status message text, and set the default message to the path of the current project
21 November 2006

Version: 6.1 Build 6


12 March 2006

Version: 6.1 Build 2



  • Fixed a bug that affected all exhibit-related functions where some valid image files would trigger an error message, "Invalid Image Resource Size"
  • Fixed a bug where the Sentences option of the Export Data feature only included sentences from tags in the "Other" Group
1 March 2006

Version: 6.1 Build 0

New Features


  • Improved the handling of the primary flag attribute in the Change Event Type feature; note that the feature can not set the primary flag correctly in all cases when an event is moved from one group to another
  • Improved the log messages for the Change Event Type feature
  • Added a warning message when the user selects a locked dataset
  • Added the ability to reference existing field values in the literal parameters of the Change Name Parts feature; you can now construct filters and actions that use existing field values in various combinations
  • Added the "Witness Memo", "Citation Memo", and "Place Comment" fields to the Find and Replace feature
  • Changed the default location for log files from Program Files\TMG Utility\Logs to My Documents\Logs
  • Changed the help files to match the new look of my home page


  • Fixed a bug in the Make P1 Male feature where the exclusion marker for a principal was not moved with the principal's ID
12 March 2005

Version: 6.0 Build 1

  • Added more place information to the Verify Exhibits log file when the exhibit is attached to a place
  • Changed the font in the Change Name Parts text value input boxes from MS Sans Serif to Courier New to allow the display of more characters
  • Fixed a bug in the Change Name Parts feature where copying the SortGiven field value would copy the SortSurname value instead
9 January 2005

Version: 6.0 Build 0

As of this version, TMG Utility is compatible with TMG v6.01, TMG v6.0, and TMG v5.x projects
  • Added compatibility.ini file to prevent TMG Utility from changing TMG Projects with which it has not been tested
  • Added dataset number to "Choose TMG Dataset from Project" dialog
  • Added Place Style pull-down menu to Add Events feature
  • Added "Missing Exhibits Only" option to Verify Exhibit Paths feature
  • Changed the Recent Files List (File Menu) to show more of the file path (now shows up to 60 characters before truncation)
  • Added "Exhibit Caption" field to Find and Replace when project from TMG v6 or greater
  • Added the "Event Sort Date" field to Find and Replace
  • Changed the Add Events feature to make it compatible with TMG v6 projects as well as TMG v5 projects.
  • Fixed a bug in the Add Events feature where the new events were not always added to the proper dataset
  • Fixed a bug in the Edit Image Map feature where double quotes (") were not handled properly in the TITLE and ALT properties
  • Fixed a bug in the Verify Exhibit Paths feature where the wrong ID numbers were shown for exhibits linked to events
25 March 2004

Version: 5.7 Build 0

  • Added the Use Ancestor's Events option to the Set Living=N feature
  • Changed the offset for the Use Descendant's Events options from 6 years to 10 years, and made the offset configurable via the tmgutil.ini file; see the Set Living=N feature
  • Added the If Other Sources Cited option to the Exclude Citations by Source feature
  • Fixed a bug in the Set Year Only Dates feature where the new dates were not saved even if Log Only was unchecked
17 February 2004

Version: 5.6 Build 5

  • Added the Set Year Only Dates feature
  • Added "variables" to the Change Name Parts feature; variables can be used to modify the literal values used by filters and action
  • Fixed a bug in the Change Name Parts feature where a "control element (n) doesn't exist" error message would be generated
  • Added LogFilePath to the tmgutil.ini file; if you can not use the default Logs folder within the program folder, specify an alternate path using the LogFilePath property
  • Removed an internal limit on the tag type number that affected projects which have had a lot of datasets added and deleted
26 October 2003

Version: 5.6 Build 2

  • Enabled the Add Events feature
  • Fixed a bug where the Flag Filter would never select anyone
  • Added support for \n, \r, \t and \\ to the Find and Replace feature
  • Increased the number of the custom tag types allowed by the Set Sort Dates feature
22 August 2003

Version: 5.5 Build 1

  • Added the Edit Image Map feature
  • Added the Adjust Birth and Death feature
  • Fixed a bug where certain primary name tags had sort dates assigned by the Set Sort Dates feature despite the documentation to the contrary
  • Fixed a bug where the progress bar was not positioned properly in some cases
1 May 2003

Version: 5.4 Build 4

31 March 2003

Version: 5.4 Build 0

23 February 2003

Version: 5.3 Build 2

10 February 2003

Version: 5.3 Build 1

  • Fixed a bug in the Verify Exhibit Paths log where the source number for exhibits attached to sources was not always correct
  • Changed Verify Exhibit Paths; it now supports the TMG "Exhibits Folder" preference. If an external exhibit is not found in the original location stored in the exhibit record, Verify Exhibit Paths will look in the folder specified in the Exhibits Folder preference, if any. If an exhibit is found in the exhibits folder after a failure to find the external exhibit in the original location, the log entry will begin with "OK (Exhibit Folder):" followed by the path to the file
9 February 2003

Version: 5.3 Build 0

  • Added Export Images feature
  • Fixed ID entries for Change Role log
  • Removed "Nederlands" language choice; TMG v5 uses "Dutch"
11 December 2002

Version: 5.2 Build 0

9 December 2002

Version: 5.1 Build 0

  • Added "Change Role=Principal only" option to Assign Principal Roles
  • Enabled Export Sentences, Import Sentences, Copy Custom Sentences, and Rename Language
  • Added language selection pull-down menu to Export Sentences
  • Added standard "No changes ..." message to Import Sentences when Log Only is true
  • Changed internal IDs in log for Copy Custom Sentences to external IDs
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect role names were sometimes shown for tags with names longer than 10 characters
  • Added tmgutil.ini file; currently the only section specifies default language choices
  • Enabled Find and Replace. Note that this feature no longer supports name fields other than the name memo and the name sentence. A future feature will support name modification
  • Fixed key field display in Find and Replace, as well as some other bugs in that feature
  • Added name to Change Name Type log entries and changed log sequence to internal ID# sequence
  • Fixed wrong ID# display in Rename Role log entries
  • Added missing comma to log for Fix Sort Dates
27 September 2002

Version: 5.0 Build 0

  • Converted this program to support TMG v5 datasets only
  • Change Citations now validates the source numbers before making any changes
  • Change Event Type now prevents events with two principals from being moved into the one-principal tag groups Birth and Death
  • Added "Include R=Principal, R=Witness" option to Show Role Usage
  • Rename Role now prevents renaming an existing role to match another existing role
  • Change Event Type now displays the roles that are defined for the "from" event and the "to" event
  • Added "Change All Blank Surety Only" option to Set One-Citation Surety
  • Log files are now written to the "Logs" folder under the program folder
  • Added the [LowerCase Field] and [UpperCase Field] commands to Set Person Field
  • Enabled the [Set Field to Literal] and [Clear Field] commands for most fields in Set Person Field
  • Fixed a bug in Set Birth Order where a couple with more than 32 children caused a program failure; the program now correctly enforces the limit
23 February 2001

Version: 3.8 Build 1

  • Fixed a bug in Delete Tags by Type where the logic for "Retain if date not empty" was reversed.
  • Fixed a bug in Show Role Usage where a large number of tag/role combinations would cause an "Overflow" error.
19 February 2001

Version: 3.8 Build 0

  • Added the Delete Tags by Type feature.
  • Fixed a bug in Change Citations that made it difficult to use the Skip citations with an existing CD parameter.
7 February 2001

Version: 3.7 Build 0

  • Added context information to Prompt dialog in Change Citations
  • The Set Sort Dates feature does a better job of recognizing blank dates.
15 January 2001

Version: 3.6 Build 0

  • Added Exclude Citations by Source Number
  • Added filtering by citation detail contents for Change Citations
  • Added a "Prompt" option to Change Citations which allows the user to make citation-specific adjustments
  • Added filtering by flag value for some functions
  • Fixed "Undefined registry return error code" which occurred under Windows 2000. (Finally have access to a Windows 2000 machine for debugging!)
12 December 2000

Version: 3.5 Build 1

  • Changed Add Married Names; now adds one day (if possible) when it copies the Marriage date to the new name
  • Enhanced Make P1 Male; you may now restrict the events to be processed by event type
  • Help button on toolbar is now context-sensitive; it loads the help page appropriate for the current selected feature
  • Fixed an issue with the source-language pull down lists; the program now updates those lists after all operations where the list is changed
  • The name index is now erased when Find and Replace is used on any of the name fields.
19 November 2000

Version: 3.4 Build 8

  • Added Show Role Usage
  • Added the "Fix role name" option to Rename Roles [Note: this option was removed as part of the upgrade to version 5.0 of TMG Utility as it was no longer needed.]
18 November 2000

Version: 3.4 Build 7

  • Fixed a bug in Rename Role where the program was not renaming references to the role properly
12 November 2000

Version: 3.4 Build 6

  • Added Add Marriages
  • Fixed a bug in Change Name Type where the program was not verifying that all the input options had been specified
  • Verified compatibility with TMG Version 4.0c; no changes were necesssary
15 October 2000

Version: 3.4 Build 3

  • Version 3.4 Build 3 fixes a Find and Replace bug that prevented processing the Source Memo field.

These functions were part of earlier version 3.4 builds

12 August 2000

Version: 3.2 Build 1

  • Updated for compatibility with TMG Version 4.0a
3 August 2000

Version: 3.2 Build 0

26 June 2000

Version: 3.1 Build 4

11 June 2000

Version: 3.1 Build 2

  • Now includes a re-written Set Sort Dates
  • Minor fixes to the user interface
24 May 2000

Version: 3.0 Build 4

30 April 2000

Version: 3.0 Build 3

9 March 2000

Version: 2.2 Build 8

3 October 1999

Version: 2.2 Build 1

  • Changed the way that married name events are created such that TMG's suppress married name option will work properly.
8 September 1999

Version: 2.1 Build 1

  • Fixed the name packing bug
  • Added an option to repair names that were broken by previous versions of the utility
3 August 1999

Version: 2.0 Build 3

27 July 1999

Version: 2.0 Build 2

  • Added Capitalize Places
  • Added a recently-used files list to the File menu
  • Added preference save/restore. Preferences are associated with particular files
  • Enabled the progress bar for all functions
  • Fixed a bug in Set Sort Dates which made the program mishandle event dates on machines with non-US date formats.
  • Fixed a bug in Add Married Names where the program was adding events when the husband's surname was null.