Optimize Styles

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Optimize Styles removes unused Name and Place styles and merges duplicate styles.

TMG users sometimes create duplicate or unused styles without knowing they have done so. The Optimize Styles feature detects unused styles and deletes them. It also detects duplicate styles and merges them. In order for two or more styles to be merged, they must be the same type (Name or Place), use all the same field labels, and all the output templates must match. Any difference, even minor differences of capitalization, will inhibit style merging.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Optimize Styles from the function tree.
  2. Click the [Optimize Styles] button.
  3. Click the [Yes] button if the program displays a warning message about the Flag Filter.
  4. Click the [OK] button to confirm that you want to delete unused styles.


The program reads the entries in the Style table one by one. For each style, it looks in the Name table (Name Styles) or the Place table (Place Styles) to see if the style is used.

If the style is not used, the style is deleted.

If the style is used, the program compares the current style to all previously processed styles. If the current style matches a previous style, all the Names or Places that have been assigned the current style are modified to use the previous style, and the current style is deleted.