Set Flag Filter

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The [Set Flag Filter...] button opens a window where you can set the Flag Filter. The Flag Filter can be used to specify whether a person is included or excluded from processing by one of the TMG Utility features based on the values of a TMG flag.

While the Flag Filter is fairly simple, TMG's report writer can be used to set the value of the flag; that means that you can use the full expressive power of TMG's extensive Report Filter criteria to control many TMG Utility features.

You can include or exclude multiple flag values. For example, if you have a flag whose possible values are "ABCDE", you can set the Flag Filter to:

You can think of "include" as "equals", and "exclude" as "not equals".


Given a flag field with values "ABCDE", you can process people with flag values A, B, C, or D using one of these two methods: