Make Source Page

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The Export Data feature is a more flexible way to export source data. It will export source information to an XML file or HTML page.


Make Source Page creates an HTML page from source definitions. In the case where the source contains a reference to a web page, it adds a link to that page.1 If the source contains a reference to an email address, it adds a "mailto:" link to that email address.2

The resulting page is a research aid, not something designed to be published when (if) you publish your tree via HTML and the web.

Another option for creating web pages or other reports from your Master Source List is the Export Data feature.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Make Source Page from the function tree.
  2. Choose a sort sequence from the Choose Sort Sequence pull down menu.
  3. Choose Web sources only or All sources as desired.
  4. Click the [Make Source Page] button.
  5. When the "Save Source page HTML as..." dialog appears, choose a file name and location according to your preference.

The program will make the page and then attempt to display the page using your default browser.


  1. The program only recognizes URLs that start with "http://".
  2. The program uses some common rules regarding the structure of e-mail addresses to find them in the source data. It may be fooled by text that looks like an e-mail address.