Fix Names

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Fix Names will removes question marks, underscores and other undesirable characters from names. It will also remove parenthesized surnames.

Complicated intra-field changes are possible using the Change Name Parts feature.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Fix Names from the function tree.
  2. Turn on one or more of the following options, as desired.
    • Delete underscores will delete all underscores in any name field.
    • Delete question marks will delete all question marks in any name field.
    • Delete surnames in parentheses will delete the surname when it contains only a parenthesised name such as "(whatever)". See Note 1.
    • Delete the following characters: will delete all of the specified characters from any name field. See Note 2.
  3. Set the Flag Filter, if desired. TMG Utility will only change names for people who pass the filter.
  4. Click the [Fix Names] button. The program will change names according to the options you selected.

See the note about the name index.


  1. Some people enter parenthesized surnames to indicate a married name that is used as the primary name when the maiden name is unknown. If you have imported data in this format but you do not follow that convention, use the Delete surnames in parentheses option to remove them.
  2. This does not mean that the program will search for the specified characters occurring together in the sequence you enter them. Each one of the characters you enter in the text box will be deleted wherever it occurs in any name field. So, if you enter "xyz" in the text box, the surname "Fox" will be changed to "Fo"!