Assign Principal Roles

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Assign Principal Roles will assign a role to the principals of an event. It will assign roles by gender, or by the position of the ID number (P1 or P2).

Assign roles by gender is useful for Marriage events, or other cases where role varies with gender.

Assign roles by P1/P2 is used in cases where in the past you designed sentences that relied on whether a principal is specified as P1 or P2.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Assign Principal Roles from the function tree.
  2. Choose Assign roles by gender or Assign roles by P1/P2 based on your requirements.
  3. Check or uncheck Two principals required, as desired. If checked, the program will modify only those events with two principals specified.
  4. Check or uncheck Change Role=Principal only, as desired. If checked, the program will changes roles only if the present role is "Principal".
  5. Choose the event type you would like to change from the Choose an event type: pull down list.
  6. Choose roles from the pull down lists.
  7. Click the [Assign Role(s)] button.

If you choose Assign roles by P1/P2 and you do not check Two principals required, then you do not have to choose two roles, but you must always choose at least one role. If you do not select a role for P1 or P2, and the program finds an event where such a role is required, the program will skip that event and not assign any roles.

If you choose Assign roles by gender, you have to choose a role for the case where gender is unknown. If you do not have an appropriate role defined, you can either stop and go back and add one, or assign either the male or female role. The log includes a special message when the gender is "?" to help you find the cases that require manual correction.