Add Marriages

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Add Marriages adds a marriage event to unmarried parents. Generally speaking, this is a bad idea, but it may be necessary in cases where data was imported from another program. Even in those cases, it is best to use a GenBridge option to force marriage events.

This feature will add marriage events for all unmarried parents, effectively dismissing the possibility of children born out of wedlock.

Even if you do not want to add marriages, this feature may be useful: with Log Only checked, it will produce a list of people whose parents are unmarried.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Add Marriages from the function tree.
  2. Choose the tag you would like to add from the list.
  3. Check or uncheck the Prompt before adding marriage checkbox, as desired. If checked, the program will show you the ID numbers of the child, the father, and the mother and ask you to confirm the addition of a marriage.
  4. Click the [Add Marriages] button.


For each person, the program will check for a marriage-group event between the person's primary father and primary mother. If no such event exists, it will add a marriage event, subject to a confirmation if specified. The marriage sort date will be set to "before <child's birth date>".

You may find it desirable to define a custom marriage event so that all the marriages added in this manner will be easily identifiable and so that you can customize the sentence appropriately.

The father and mother are assigned the role of Principal. See the Assign Principal Roles feature to change the roles after the events have been created.