Copy Custom Sentences

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Copy Custom Sentences can be used to copy sentences that you have customized for specific events and names from one language to another. The feature does not change existing custom sentences in the target language.

Terry Reigel, on his TMG site, has an in-depth discussion of using multiple languages in a single TMG database.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Copy Custom Sentences from the function tree.
  2. Choose the FROM and TO languages from the pull down lists.
  3. Check or uncheck Move sentences, as desired. If checked, the program will copy the sentences to the TO language, and delete the FROM version of the sentence. (This option is not available when the FROM language is ENGLISH)
  4. Click the [Copy Custom Sentences] button.


The program will inspect all events, and then all names, looking for custom events. (The progress bar will cycle from empty to full twice)

When a custom sentence is found in the FROM language, the program will check for an existing sentence in the TO language. If there is none, the program copies the sentence. If the Move sentences option is checked, the program will delete the FROM language version.