Set One-Citation Surety

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Set One-Citation Surety sets surety values for tags that have a single citation to a specific source. For example, if a Note tag has a citation to source #29, and no other citations, Set One-Citation Surety can be used to set the surety value for any populated field in the event, P1, P2, Date, Place, or Memo (12DPM).

Step by Step

  1. Choose Set One-Citation Surety from the function tree.
  2. Enter the source number for the citations you would like to change in the Source # text box.
  3. Choose the appropriate surety value via the Surety pull-down menu. You select a single value, and the program assigns that surety to one or more of the 12DPM surety fields based on which fields contain data.
  4. Check or uncheck the Change All Blank Surety Only checkbox, as desired. If checked, the program will only change citations where all the surety values are blank. If unchecked, the program will change existing citations whether blank or not.
  5. Click the [Set Surety] button.

The Log shows the Source#, New Surety, and Context. The context describes the event, name, or relationship tag linked to the citation.