Adjust Birth and Death

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Adjust Birth and Death compares the lifespan birth and death values that TMG uses in the picklist and elsewhere to the dates in the primary Birth group event and primary Death group event. If the dates do not agree, the lifespan dates are adjusted to match the primary event dates.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Adjust Birth and Death from the function tree.
  2. Check or uncheck Choose primary if no existing primary based on your preference. If checked, the program will attempt to set a primary event if no event is currently marked primary. The program selects the event in the group with the earliest sort date. In the case of ties, the program chooses the first event it encounters. In all cases, you should review the log to determine if the choices are appropriate.
  3. Click the [Adjust Birth and Death] button.


The log shows all the lifespans that were adjusted. The format is:

ID, Change

For example:

958, *B=January 1645/46
1695, B=29 December 1644
2101, *D=3 February 1606/7
2763, D=1 March 1948

The first number is the TMG ID# of a person in the dataset. "B" means Birth, "D" means Death. (The event may be some other event in the given group.) If the B or D is preceded by an asterisk, then the primary event was set because there was no existing event marked primary and the "Choose primary..." option was checked.