Verify Exhibit Paths

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Verify Exhibit Paths verifies the filename and filepath of external exhibit files.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Verify Exhibit Paths from the function tree.
  2. If Missing exhibits only is checked, the log will include a list of missing exhibits rather than all exhibits.
  3. If Create folders report is checked, the log will include a list of folders containing files that are used as exhibits, and for each of those folders, a list of the files in the folder that are not exhibits.
  4. If Ignore associated files is checked, which is the default, the folders report will not include files that are associated with other exhibits. A file is considered to be associated with an exhibit if the filename matches the filename associated with the exhibit. So, for example, if an exhibit references the file "wedding-party.jpg", the file "" is considered to be associated with that exhibit.

    Ignore associated files only affects the folders report and is only available if Create folders report is checked.

  5. Click the [Verify Exhibit Paths] button.

Usage Notes

When an external exhibit file is not found, Verify Exhibit Paths writes an entry to the log file that indicates there was an error. If you see one of those messages, you should investigate to determine what is wrong. In most cases, the external exhibit file was moved or renamed after it was added as an external exhibit.

You can not use the existence of a thumbnail image in the TMG Exhibit Log as an indication that the path to the file is correct. TMG loads the thumbnail image when you add the exhibit or when you enable the thumbnail option in Preferences. If the path is correct at that time, the thumbnail will be created properly. If the file is later moved or renamed, the thumbnail image is not removed. So, a thumbnail image can appear in the TMG Exhibit Log even though the external exhibit file path is incorrect.