Change Name Style

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Change Name Style may be used to change the style assigned to a set of names from the existing style to a different style.

The Change Name Parts feature provides a more flexible method to change name styles.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Change Name Style from the function tree.
  2. Choose the Name Style for the names that you would like to change from the Choose old name style: pull down menu.
  3. Choose the Name Style that you would like to assign to the names from the Choose new name style: pull down menu.
  4. If you want to limit the changes to specific name tags, choose a name tag from the Choose name tag to change: pull down menu. Otherwise, choose <All name tag types>.
  5. Choose one of the values in the Filter option: pull-down menu.

    If you choose No name filter, all the names with the old name style will be changed, limited only by the optional name-tag filter from step 4.

    If you choose Names that contain target, only names that match the target text in the target subfield--as defined by the respective controls--will be changed.

    If you choose Target subfield(s) are empty or Target subfield(s) are not empty, only names where the target subfields are either empty or not empty will be changed.

  6. If Use Pattern Matching is checked, the Target text will be treated as a pattern containing wildcard characters. See the description of patterns on the Find and Replace page.
  7. If Include names in Log is checked, Log will include the before and after versions of the name. Uncheck this option to keep the Logfrom growing too large.
  8. Click the [Change Name Style] button.

Log Format

The names that are changed are displayed in the log. The program uses the Output template from the original style to display the name before the style is changed, and it uses the Output template from the new style to display the name after the style is changed.