Select DNA Descendants

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Select DNA Descendants sets a flag for all the descendants of a particular progenitor following the inheritance rules for either Y DNA or mtDNA.

Step by Step

  1. Choose Select DNA Descendants from the function tree.
  2. Key the TMG ID # of the progenitor in the Progenitor ID # textbox.
  3. Choose "Y DNA" or "mtDNA" from the DNA type pull-down menu.
  4. If desired, select a flag field from the Flag to set pull-down menu.
  5. If you select a flag field, you must also key a one-character value to assign to the field. Key the value in the Flag value textbox.
  6. Click the [Select DNA Descendants] button.


The program will issue an error message if you choose "Y DNA" and specify the TMG ID # of a female progenitor. Likewise, it will issue an error message if you choose "mtDNA" and specify the TMG ID # of a male progenitor.

If you do not choose a flag field, the function will produce a list of the descendants but will not make any database changes.