Why Is It Free?

TMG Utility is the essential TMG companion tool. If you use it, please make a donation.


There is no charge to download, install, or use this program though it is subject to a license agreement. A number of people who have used the utility have encouraged me to change it to shareware, but I have some pretty specific reasons for keeping it freeware.

  1. My ability to support the program varies according to my other personal and professional obligations, and I feel less pressure to support it if it is free.
  2. I love computing and the utility is a way for me to develop software as a hobby, without the stresses of paying customers, tight deadlines, etc., that are usually involved in commercial software development projects.
  3. The genealogical community is a great example of people helping people. I have personally benefited from the hard work of so many other people that I feel I should try to do my share. Right now, I can't volunteer to host a RootsWeb site, or transcribe passenger lists, and I haven't even posted my own tree. But... I have some programming ability and I can offer this utility to other TMG users.

If you understand all of the above (which, of course, you do), and if my utility has saved you time and aggravation (which of course, it has), and you would still like to help, see my Donorware page.